Summer Fun

Last week, Bob and I went to Noah’s Ark for a final summer fun day!  It was about 60 degrees with 20mph winds which was a bit chilly (okay…it was really chilly) but we had so much fun!  It was the only day that we were going to be able to go so either it was go or wait until next year!  The great thing about going on a cold day was that there were absolutely NO lines and we were able to go on every ride as many times as we wanted!

Last night, we went to Debbie & Terry’s house to celebrate Debbie and Bob that they BOTH just finished their Master’s.  The two of them work together, college together, and now finished their Master’s (different programs) at the same time.  We had some amazing Indian food made by Debbie, and had fun playing with the kiddos

Our drinks were even festive!

Their friend Liz is a chemist, and made these awesome homemade bubbles!  I’m pretty sure Bob had just as much fun as Owen and Ryan, and we all definitely joined in on the fun!


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