65th Anniversary

At the beginning of August we headed down to my grandparents home in Iowa to celebrate their 65th Anniversary!

This little cutie and her family drove through the night to get there Saturday morning!

We headed to Dubuque to the National Mississippi River Museum where they were unveiling my grandma’s uncle’s boat motor preview display.  My great-great aunt Be passed away a year and a half ago and her husband and father had owned and ran Iowa Marine Engine which built boat motors back in the early 1900s.  When he passed away in the 1950s, the shop was closed and literally has sat untouched since! My grandma has gifted the contents of the shop to the museum to be preserved and we look forward to seeing the final exhibit!

Click here to see the post of the shop as it has sat for so many years!

Anyways, the museum created a small display to show that a much larger exhibit and recreating of the shop is going to be coming in the next few years.

The CEO of the museum was there to unveil the display to us which was neat.

My Uncle Steve, the CEO, Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, and Aunt Kim

The guys had fun with the toy boats that you could drive

Benta had fun just running around!

And LOVED the aquarium portion of the museum.  My cousin Isaac, who is also my godson, is 9 years old and absolutely LOVES Benta and was her buddy all weekend.

I hope I don’t run into one of these on the Mississippi! 🙂

Grandma and Grandpa in front of the display

We had a photographer take family pictures Saturday afternoon and I will post those once we get them, but afterwards Benta found the Cheetos and was COVERED!

Grandma’s dog Kynzie

Uncle Steve and Benta

Isaac and Benta

Sunday after church, my Aunt Melissa’s dad picked up my grandparents in his 1914 Model T which was so neat!

Celebrating their 65th Anniversary!

My cousins Matt, Isaac, and Nate (with B)

We got to ride in the Model T, and B was not too happy about it until we started moving…then she LOVED the ride!

Ales, Aunt Jan, Uncle Dave, & Ryan

Aunt Jan & Uncle Dave

Cousins Alex & Ryan

Cousins James & Eric

Uncle Paul, Aunt Kim, Eric & James

Isaac and his buddy Benta having fun

He was SO sweet with her…it was adorable!

And of course a cake to celebrate!

Our family (Carrie, Dad, Mom, Kelly, Bob, Benta, & Nick)

Benta and her great grandma

And with her great grandpa

My Aunt Jan’s parents were engaged around the same time as my grandparents were married an had the newspaper from where both of their announcements were printed side by side and to think their son and daughter would get married later in life!  How amazing to think that He had this all planned from the very beginning!

We had a wonderful weekend with the family, and got to enjoy a crazy hot 6 hour drive home when the air conditioner in our car stopped working 20 minutes in!


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