Michigan Visit

I headed out to Michigan to visit Carrie, Nick, & Benta two weeks ago and we had a great week! I left on Friday after Bob and I spent the day at ValleyFair chaperoning the Jr High youth from church. We had volunteered throughout the week for their events at church and the big end of the week was a trip to ValleyFair.  It was blazing hot and even with a hiccup with our bus breaking down we still had so much fun!

Our first day we went to a nearby town that was having a festival.  They had an airplane that is used by fire departments on drills to extinguish fires.

The bounce house was a highlight for Benta (but only once her daddy went in!)

We went to the library

It was hot hot, and she rocked her shades!

We played outside a lot!

I just can’t get enough of that cute face!

The next morning we went raspberry picking and Benta is a PRO!

Pretty sure she ate significantly more than she picked 🙂

Cutest video ever!

Nick had a day off and we drove to Frankenmuth, MI for a fun day in their cute German town!

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is the largest Christmas store in the world!

Nick was carrying my camera….I found these pictures when I uploaded everything to my computer!

The store was HUGE and Benta was absolutely enthralled….she just kept walking and walking and walking with her little finger pointing at everything and saying ‘oooh!’.

So cute Nick

You can just see her saying ‘oooh!’

We literally let her walk around for an hour…and she was so good about not touching anything just looking!



They built a replica of the St. Nicholas church in Oberndorf, Austria where ‘Silent Night’ was first sung in 1818.

We loved the Cheese Haus and their awesome samples!

It was such a cute town!

We went to dinner at the Frankenmuth Brewery and thankfully sugar packets were the entertainment of the night!

And a cute covered bridge was nestled in the middle of town!

Tuckered out after a long day

The next day we went peach picking and once again, Benta LOVED it!

This is my new favorite picture of her!

SO heavy!

And I am pretty sure Benta thought the highlight of the trip was when we took her to Chuck E Cheese

Talk about excitement!  They had a cute toddler area that she absolutely LOVED and we all had fun!

We took turns on ‘Benta Duty’ so we could all play some games 🙂

Unfortunately my week ended and I had to say goodbye…but I know it won’t be too long until I see them again!


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