Bethany’s Cabin

We were so excited when Bethany and her parents invited us to their gorgeous cabin on Balsam Lake…

We headed out Saturday morning as soon as it stopped raining…and a few clouds and chilly weather kept the other boats off of the lake which was great!

Mark (Bethany’s dad) is such an awesome driver!

Bob showing off his surfing skills

But Mark is the best surfer of the group!

And Bethany!

I took my turn of course too…and had fun cutting into the wave!

Bob was in heaven out on the boat

Since Bethany is a leftie….we filled both ballasts and double surfed!

High five!

We had so much fun!

These falling ones are the best pictures!

Jeanne (Bethany’s mom) showing off her skiing skills

And Mark too….

And Bob got into the skiing action

And slaloming

Matt (Bethany’s brother) joined in on the fun

And trying a 360…which we all tried so hard all weekend and everyone got super close!


Matt is an amazing kneeboarder and can get some serious air!

Kelly attempting a 360

Bob showing off his skills

Mark is so amazing!

Bethany and I double wakesurfing!


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