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4th of July

We spent the 4th of July at my parents cabin (like we do every year) and we look forward to it all year!

Bob and I got to the cabin around dinner time and headed right out onto the water!

There was lots of skiing…

And a few wipeouts (that one is me)

Mom of course didn’t hesitate to get wet either!

It was the perfect first night out on the water and beginning of the weekend!

The next morning, we swam in the annual Poisson Sweepstakes.

This ‘race’ is a swim across the lake with the proceeds going to the local library.  Over 50 years ago, a family wanted their kids to feel confident that they could swim to shore if anything were to happen while they were boating.  So the kids started on one side of the lake, and swam to the dock on the other.  Now, each year over 75 swimmers participate!

Bob had his own personal chauffeur apparently 🙂

I finished 4th, but my time gets slower and the swim gets harder each year!

Mom did awesome too!

My dad swam for the first time (successfully) and he was so excited to finish!

My parents after the swim!

Bob & Kelly

Dad & Mom

All 4 of us

Most of the swimmers!

Dad and Lynne (whose family runs the swim each year)

We went home, showered, watch the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest, and then headed back downtown for the fireman’s lunch.

I absolutely love small town parades!

The creativity in the floats was amazing!

Bob was a happy camper watching the parade, getting candy thrown at him, and drinking a beer….what more could a guy ask for!?

Then the rest of the weekend we did this again!

There are a few loon families on the lake, and this is the one living in the bay by my parents

My parents out on a romantic jetski ride

Bob and I went for a gorgeous kayak ride one evening

What a handsome husband I have!

We both could not get enough of the gorgeous scenery

The water was so calm and peaceful

My dad’s favorite thing to do is ride the hot dog, so he got a few long rides around the whole lake in!

My mom being the awesome boat driver she is!

And Dad was a great spotter!

We had the best weekend….and just wished the holiday could have been longer!


Jeanna’s Baby Shower

One of my favorite PCA’s from work is due with a sweet baby girl in a few weeks, and back in June I hosted a baby shower for her.


Opening gifts!

Jeanna loves to fish and Liz had this cute taggie blanket made for baby Jaylynn!

Babies Gemma and Keira had fun together!

Gemma was too cute!

Such great friends and coworkers!

Bethany’s Cabin

We were so excited when Bethany and her parents invited us to their gorgeous cabin on Balsam Lake…

We headed out Saturday morning as soon as it stopped raining…and a few clouds and chilly weather kept the other boats off of the lake which was great!

Mark (Bethany’s dad) is such an awesome driver!

Bob showing off his surfing skills

But Mark is the best surfer of the group!

And Bethany!

I took my turn of course too…and had fun cutting into the wave!

Bob was in heaven out on the boat

Since Bethany is a leftie….we filled both ballasts and double surfed!

High five!

We had so much fun!

These falling ones are the best pictures!

Jeanne (Bethany’s mom) showing off her skiing skills

And Mark too….

And Bob got into the skiing action

And slaloming

Matt (Bethany’s brother) joined in on the fun

And trying a 360…which we all tried so hard all weekend and everyone got super close!


Matt is an amazing kneeboarder and can get some serious air!

Kelly attempting a 360

Bob showing off his skills

Mark is so amazing!

Bethany and I double wakesurfing!

Mariah’s Wedding Shower

Emily and I (with baby Molly) headed down to Albert Lea for Mariah’s Wedding shower and had a wonderful afternoon.

Mariah and Ben had the most gorgeous engagement pictures and she got so many neat personalized gifts using these pictures.  This cake pan is to die for!

There were so many of her friends and family there and it was so fun to watch her open all of her gifts!

Her sweet flower girl was so well behaved the whole shower and earned some time on her mama’s phone!

The cutest handmade card!

Another personalized gift!

Sweet Molly was so adorable the whole time!

Mariah and her mom

Kelly & Mariah

Mariah and all of her friends from high school

My friend Kaeli’s sweet little girl

Mariah and L

Flower girl!

Ben’s grandma and nephew with Mariah

Kelly, Mariah, Emily, & Molly

Emily & Molly (who was only 2 weeks old!)

Ben’s sister, nephew, & Mariah

We cannot wait for their wedding next month and are so happy for them!

June Visit

At the beginning of June, I headed to Wisconsin to visit my parents and spend some time with Carrie, Nick, & Benta who were also there visiting!

Benta was 15 months old and cute as a button!

She goes about 100 miles per hour and is just BUSY!

We headed to Bay Beach which is a small amusement park in Green Bay and we all had so much fun!

She LOVED all of the rides!

And would start crying every time they stopped!

I think these bugs were her favorite!

This is her getting mad at the end when the cars stopped

Benta and I rode the carousel which she always loves

And she wasn’t big enough to go on the helicopter by herself…so Daddy joined her!

And the Ferris Wheel with Amma and Afi

They added an awesome old wooden rollercoaster that Nick and I rode twice and had a blast.  It was one of the best wooden coasters we had ever ridden.

Another day we headed to the Historical Society in town as they had an open house day with all of their buildings.

The old train station from Bancroft

They had a few different houses furnished with different era furniture…it was really neat

Benta loving being outside

Blowing bubbles with Amma.  I think we went through a half of a container of bubbles….she LOVED them!

Seriously adorable!

Bubbles again!

Carrie, Nick, and Benta had to leave the day before I did which was a bummer…but my mom and I decided to take the 4 youngest ‘J family’ kids to a few parks.

I love getting to spend time with these kiddos and we had a blast playing at the park and then headed to the Sculpture park for some more fun.  This upside down house was a favorite!

Tornado sculpture

Clarabella, Annalisa, Gabriel, Joshua, and Kelly

Just hanging out 🙂

I had such a fun long weekend with my parents, sister and family, and friends!