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Locks of Love

I finally decided I was ready to cut my hair and donate it again like I did 3 years ago!

Bob dropped me off and a few minutes later it was gone!  I told her to just cut it before I changed my mind!

(not the cutest picture but you can see how much was cut off!)

I am ready for summer now!


Twins Game

My mom headed to our house for a quick visit and we went to a Twins game (vs the Red Sox) and had a blast!

We sat in right field and I swear there isn’t a bad seat in the whole stadium!

There were (I think) 4 homeruns and one was hit about 5 rows away from us!  We had so much fun and it was an absolutely gorgeous day!

The Twins won 6-4 which tied them for first place in the division with the Royals!

Fort Snelling

Since we had come home a day early, we still had all of Memorial Day together!  We decided to go to Fort Snelling since they had a few special programs going on.

They had a neat program where they had different military uniforms dating from the Revolutionary War through today

It was really neat to see the uniforms all compared to each other and to see the progression through time



We went inside the Commanding Officer’s Quarters and it was set up beautifully

I loved the china

The master bedroom

Then we walked down to the officer’s quarters…

These bunks don’t look too bad…until we realized that it was TWO soldiers per bed! Yikes!

Getting a little treat at the general store

The Fife and Drum Corps

The view of the Fort from the corner tower

They did a cannon demonstration (you can see the Commanding Officer’s Quarters in the background)

The hospital

The blacksmith

The weather looked ominous but it didn’t rain!

The chapel

From Fort Snelling, we went to Minnehaha Falls where we walked around for a while

Then we finished the day by playing mini golf at the Walker Arts Museum.  Most summers, they have a special course that is designed by artists and built near the sculpture garden across from the museum.

Some of the holes were really neat!

We walked over to the Cherry on the Spoon

And a selfie to end the day!

We had such a fun day simply exploring our hometown!