South Dakota continued…

From the Badlands, we headed to Mount Rushmore!

We both loved getting to see ‘the faces’ as we heard a little boy call it.

One of my favorite pictures from the whole trip!  We then went through the lower level gallery, watched the film, and headed to the sculptor’s studio

This was what the sculpture was originally going to look like….

Can you imagine hanging from one of these harnesses for months on end while sculpting!?! Scary!

After walking the Presidential Trail to the base of the mountain and back we returned to where we took our picture before and this was the view…

The fog had rolled in and nearly completely covered the President’s faces!

Washington’s profile as we left the park

We then headed to our campground which was just off of Route 16A or Iron Mountain Road

3 tunnels and 3 pigtails later we made it to our campground!

This was the view as we went through one of the tunnels!

We then headed to Silvan Lake through Needles Highway which was also super neat!

Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake was absolutely gorgeous and we enjoyed the short hike around it

We both absolutely loved Sylvan Lake!

After we finished the walk, we headed down to the rest of Custer State Park and started on a hike called Lover’s Leap.

We were both kind of disappointed at the beginning because the hike was nothing spectacular…and I was a little nervous because right away we had seen mounts of buffalo droppings and some fur.  I did NOT want to come face to face with a buffalo while out of our vehicle!

The middle third of the trail was pretty neat as it wound around a creek that ran through the park…but it did start raining and by the end of the hike we were both completely soaked

The little creek

After the hike, we turned the heat on in the car and drove through part of the Wildlife Loop of Custer State Park.

Almost immediately we were met with about 10 buffalo!

They were just munching along happily on the side of the road appearing oblivious to the cars stopped next to them taking pictures!

We headed back to the campground, and were thankful that they had a covered pavilion where we could cook dinner and be out of the rain!

And..the rain didn’t stop!  It poured all night and looking at the forecast it wasn’t supposed to stop for over 24 more hours!

So we hemmed and hawed over what we wanted to do (our plan for the day had been to head out to Devil’s Tower) and eventually decided to just head home.  We were tired of the rain and knew that everything we wanted to do was outdoors.  Neither of us were really bummed but we quickly took down the tent, shoved it in the trunk of the car and headed out!

We stopped at the Minuteman Missile Site and listened to the audio tour there

This site was active during the Cold War and has now since become a National Historic Site

Our last stop on our way home was in Mitchell, SD

Of course…the Corn Palace!  We were both a little disappointed as they weren’t finished with this years design but it was still fun to stop!

Bob and Cornelius the Corn Palace mascot

10 minutes later we were back in the car headed the rest of the way home!

Bob was a huge fan of the speed limit in South Dakota!

We had such a fun trip (even though it was cut short) and I am already planning our next adventure!


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