Memorial Day weekend we decided (sort of last minute) to go out to South Dakota for a camping trip.  We left Thursday and drove out to Wall, SD.  I have to take a minute and praise Bob for being such an awesome driver…I did not drive 1 minute of the entire trip and probably slept at least 5 hours (total) in the car!  He is such a trooper and never complains when I come up with crazy vacation plans 🙂

Our first stop was the infamous Wall Drug, where we quickly walked through, took a few pictures, got a squished penny, and left because really…what else is there to do!?

Oh yeah…and Bob had some fun at their shooting range!

Then we continued onto the Badlands National Park

Bob and I had both been on trips to SD, but we were pretty young (11-13) so it was fun to revisit everything that we remembered!

We have gotten very skilled at timer shots with the camera, and rarely do we ask people to take our picture.  Bob usually sets it up and comes running into position!  I’m sure we look hilarious doing it…but it works!

We both enjoy hiking, and one of the trails leads you straight up into one of the peaks which was really neat!  Scary for me, since it was a bit treacherous but fun!

It was neat to see cactus growing on the edge of some of the rocks too!

We had a fun day at the Badlands, and were thankful that our tent didn’t blow over that night with all of the wind!


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