Babysitting etc…

A few weeks ago, Bob and I babysat for our friends Rob and Laura.  Their girls Laila (2 1/2) and Quinn (7 mos) were so fun!

We bounced

Went for a bike ride…aka walk where Laila got tired of riding her bike



We played outside, put the girls to bed, and watched a movie…couldn’t have been better!

Earlier that week a storm had hit pretty hard in the area and we had pea sized hail covering our deck!

Crazy! But thankfully we didn’t have any damage!

My friends Carrie and Beverly from work went garage saleing one day (after a night shift!) and we had so much fun!  We found a few things…but nothing super exciting.

My friend Emily is going to Disney with one of the little girls she baby-sits for and had asked for me to make some shirts for them.

These Minnie tanks are for Emily and Brianna (5)

Jaxson (Emily’s friends son) is also going so I personalized this Mickey shirt for him

I didn’t take pictures of all of the shirts…but I thought they turned out cute!


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