Michigan Part 3

A rainy day took us to Lansing where we started off at the Capitol building. after a morning of playing inside.

The building is absolutely gorgeous…

We were a little disappointed because we started off on a tour with a school group, but after a few nasty glances from the teacher, we decided to do a self-guided tour.  Apparently she was not happy with having additional members on what she considered ‘her tour’…even though it was open to the public!

Governor’s Quarters

Even the door knob’s had Michigan’s seal on them!

Senate Chambers

Pushing the stroller by herself was a highlight of the day

House of Representatives Chambers

Seal of Michigan

It was cold and rainy…but we tried to make the most of the day!

We headed to the zoo (since Carrie’s membership allowed free entrance to the Lansing zoo) even though the weather was shaky…

Not even 15 minutes after we got there, the clouds broke and the sun came out!  The best part was that we had virtually the WHOLE zoo to ourselves!  We saw 2 other families the entire time!

The keepers were feeding a lot of the animals also which was really neat


They had two rhinos which was probably my favorite part of the zoo!

The meerkats were so cute just lounging

There were peacocks that just roamed around the zoo, and they were definitely a favorite of Benta’s.  She kept pointing at them!

The penguins were being fed, and I could not believe how big the fish were that they were swallowing!

It was so fun to have the zoo to ourselves and we took our time and enjoyed it all!

The Mandrills were probably Benta’s favorite, and we spent at least 15 minutes watching them.

The lion also happened to come into the viewing area, and it was neat to see him gnawing on a bone!

Then we headed home to spend a fun evening outside!

Benta loves her little car, and their sloped driveway makes the perfect runway for fun!

She just laughed and laughed every time!

Seriously…could this girl get any more excited!?

Nick was literally running to stay ahead of her!

She was not happy to go inside either…it was way too much fun outside!


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