Michigan Part 2

Nick had a day off while I was visiting, so we headed to Grand Rapids for the day!

We went to the zoo, and since it was a Sunday, it was absolutely PACKED!

The penguins were first and were so cute

Mountain Lion

Snow Leopard

Just taking it all in 🙂

They had a new tiger exhibit with two tigers which was neat, but you had to walk quite a ways away from everything else to get there


Benta, Carrie, & Nick

Auntie Kelly & Benta

Then we went to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum (he grew up in Grand Rapids) where we learned a lot about President Ford and his family.

They had built a replica of the Oval Office as it was when President Ford was in term and it was so neat!

Someone liked to run around the whole museum and we spent our time chasing her down while trying to look at the exhibits.

Both President Ford and his wife Betty are buried on the grounds in a beautiful memorial area.

His favorite passage from the Bible is on a plaque there as well…and also happens to be one of my favorites as well.

Carrie, Benta, & Kelly

Nick, Benta, & Carrie

Benta was done being trapped in the stroller and just wanted to walk…so that’s what we did!

Our last stop was to Founder’s Brewery, and this cute engine house was on the corner!

We had another fun filled day!


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