Michigan Part 1

I drove to Michigan to spend a week with Carrie, Nick, & Benta 2 weeks ago, and although I ran into some terrible storms including tornadoes, I made it safely there and back with no real incidences! I did spend over an hour at a gas station waiting out a tornado warning…that thankfully my smartphone had warned me about!

Of course I was excited for all of the fun things my sister and I had planned for the week…but I was super pumped to spend every day with this cutie…

Benta is 13 months old now and ALL over the place!

The curls just kill me!

Our first day of adventures, we traveled to the Chapin Mansion in Niles, MI

Henry Chapin made a fortune mining iron ore in the Upper Peninsula, and built this mansion in the 1880s until his passing, his family sold the beautiful home to the city for it to be used for public purposes.  In the 1930s, it became the City Hall until 2012 when it was declared to be a historic building and a new City Hall was built.  The restoration process is in the beginning phases, but we both enjoyed the tour!

Benta loves loves loves her mama!

From there, we headed to the South Bend Chocolate Company to go on a tour!

They had a cute little museum to look at while we waited

And this had us laughing!

I have to give Benta tons of credit…she is such a good traveler and just went along with whatever we were doing, sleeping when she could in the car, or toddling around.

She also kept us laughing hysterically a lot of the time!

And when you give her chocolate….oh my goodness life is good!

Unfortunately the weren’t in production while we were there, but everything looked and smelled sooo good!

Our last stop of the day was to St. Joseph, MI to ride the Silver Beach Carousel and see the St. Joseph’s Lighthouse.

The carousel was gorgeous, and each horse was so unique!

Benta wasn’t too sure about it all

And if you know her at all, she is full of smiles most of the time…so this video shows how unsure she was of it all!

After a few times around, she warmed up a little more and didn’t cry at all so that was good

Then we walked out to the lighthouse…the weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed just being outside!

We had such a fun (and busy) day!


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