April Fun

Every Wednesday night during the school year, I help out with our kids programs at church and it is a highlight of my week every week.  I work with the preschool aged kids (3-5) and it is an absolute joy.  After songs, story time, and games, I am responsible for teaching the kids their memory verse for the month and have them each recite it for me.  The prize is a fancy stamp-on-the-hand which never gets old in their eyes!  There is nothing cuter than a 3 year old reciting a sweet Bible verse!  They are not always short either…this fall we worked on Romans 8:39 which says ‘Nothing at all can ever separate us from God’s love because of what Christ Jesus our Lord has done’.  Now imagine hearing that individually from 20+ preschoolers, complete with hand motions….adorable!

We had our end of the year celebration this past week and it was so sad to know that I won’t have half of the kiddos next year since they will move up to the next age group!

Dave, my father-in-law has taught the boys group (3rd-5th grades) for years and years and has such a positive influence on these young boys.

It was bittersweet to say goodbye to my friend and coworker Liz (far right) as she takes on a new position that she is super excited for.  We have worked together for almost 4 years now and work is going to be so different without her!  We went out for a going away breakfast on one of her last shifts.

Saturday was a yard work day (after my mom and I spent the morning going garage saleing at a neighborhood-wide sale with over 100 sales).  I started burning our brush pile that has slowly overtaken a corner of our yard and had quite the impressive fire going!

Kelly, Kirstin, Alyssa, Mariah, & Emily

Today after church, I was so excited to meet up with some of my college friends!  It isn’t often that we are able to get together…as nurses it is SO hard to coordinate many schedules.  We had lunch at a cute cafe and spent a few hours catching up! Alyssa and Emily are both expecting sweet babies and I cannot wait to meet both of them!  I am so blessed to have such amazing friends that we can just pick up where we left off each time we get together.


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