The Shell Factory

Our next day (I think we are to Wednesday), my grandparents came down to spend the day with us.

We went to the Shell Factory which has a ‘zoo’ area with animals

Carrie & Grandma

Benta was clearly not too fond of the snakes

They had some big alligators

Uncle Bob, Benta, & Auntie Kelly

The leaves were a favorite thing to play with

Afi, Amma, and Benta


I didn’t even know this picture existed until I uploaded it…hilarious!

Nick & Bob (I think they both secretly enjoyed the dinosaur park)

Grandpa & Grandma

Carrie, Nick, & Benta

This camel was making the worst noises as he paced his penned in area…it was hilarious!

We finished off the day playing a round of mini-golf and I can’t remember correctly but Grandma and Nick or Bob tied.

Then, it was nap time when we got back to the house 🙂

Benta LOVES presents and was so excited to open up the cutest book from her great-grandparents

The boys relaxing by the pool

We celebrated March birthdays! (Bob-my grandparents friend, my mom, and Benta)

4 generations

Our family


Benta sat in her stroller poolside to watch us play volleyball and I think she had just as much fun as we did!


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