Edison & Ford Winter Estates

We spent a day at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates which turned out to be so beautiful and we all enjoyed it! Ford and Edison were friends who both had winter vacation homes in Fort Myers next to each other.

Thomas Edison statue with Nick, Carrie, and Benta

Little miss was festive since it was St. Patty’s Day with her bow 🙂

The houses were absolutely gorgeous and I can see how much both families would have loved to spend time here!

The grounds were absolutely gorgeous and they had an audiotour that you got to listen to with stops throughout the estate

You couldn’t actually enter the houses, but each room had doors that were open like this so you could listen to the audiotour and see everything.

The Edison’s home

My parents

Bob & Kelly

The garage (Bob enjoyed this the most I think)

The Ford’s home

Bob apparently took this panorama while I was taking the previous shot!

Edison’s office

Meditation garden

Tuckered out

The whole family

Edison’s laboratory

Then we went back to the house and into the pool again!

Auntie Kelly and Benta

Benta loves loves loves her mama!

Dad watching a movie 🙂


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