Benta’s Baptism

Sunday was also a big day when Benta was baptized into the church

Bob and I were sponsors and look forward to teaching her about Christ as she grows up

She was SO good and looked adorable wearing the same baptismal gown that Carrie and I both wore

She was a little confused when Pastor Ben poured water over her head but it really didn’t phase her at all!

Sweet baby didn’t even cry when Pastor Ben walked her around the church introducing her to the rest of the congregation!  She did SO well!

Nick, Benta, Carrie, Kelly, Bob after the baptism

Baby girl was in such a good mood!  She was just soo sweet!

I don’t have the rest of the pictures of the family with her (I was taking pictures on Nick’s camera)

We then went out for a nice brunch and headed back to my parent’s house for B to open a few baptismal gifts

I got this sweet doll from the shop Friends of Suzy and was so happy with how cute she turned out!

Benta was once again all-about the gift opening!

It was so hard to leave after a fun two days together, but we are going to spend time with them soon!


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