Hollywood, CA

After our cruise ended in Long Beach, we traveled up to Hollywood where we were going to spend the last few days of our vacation…

Bob and I with the skyline in the background


We decided to do a tour of the Hollywood area to get an idea of the area and our first famous home was the former home of Wilt Chamberlain and is now owned by a famous record producer.

Scarlett Johansson’s house

One of these homes is Denzel Washington and Will Smith but I cannot remember whose was whose 🙂

We saw lots of fancy gates

These houses were literally hanging off of the hill!

Beverly Hills Hotel

We then went to Beverly Hills and Bob was in car heaven!  I pretty much snapped pictures of the cars that he pointed out…apparently this Bugatti Veyron is worth over 1 million dollars!

Polaris Slingshot

Beverly Hills

Lamborghini Aventador

Rodeo Drive

The Comedy Store where many famous comedians started out (like Eddie Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg, and Dave Chappel)

The Laugh Factory, another comedy show

More famous houses ( I think this might have been Cameron Diaz)

TCL Chinese Theater (more later)

We then got tickets to go to the filming of the Late Late Show at CBS Studios.  They were prefilming some segments in March that are guest hosted by Drew Carey!  They filmed two segments and we got to see Jane Lynch (from Glee) and Ben McKenzie (from the OC and Gotham) which was super neat!

That topped off our first full day in LA…

The next day we went to the Hollywood Museum, which we were both disappointed in.  They had mostly older generation Hollywood memorabilia, and very little that interested either of us.  This was a replica of the jail cell from Hannibal Lector with some original pieces in it.

Harry Potter costumes

Hunger Games costumes

Pee Wee Herman’s bike and suit

We then went to Madam Tussauds (because we were feeling touristy!)

Bob with Conan O’Brien

Uma Thurman

I thought it was fascinating how many hours (over 800) and dollars (upwards of $150,000!) and to learn the history of the museum.  The original Madame Tussaud created her first wax figure in 1777 and became famous throughout France for her death masks and wax figures.

Bob getting some pointers from Tiger

Kelly with Jennifer Lawrence

We then went back to the Chinese Theater which is famous for its cement handprints and footprints of celebrities in front of it.

I was excited to find the cast of Harry Potter 🙂

And we walked parts of the Hollywood Walk of Fame!  I did not realize that there were over 2,500 stars!

We walked down to the Capitol Records building

The Pantages Theater

Our next stop was to the Griffith Observatory, and we ended up waiting almost an hour for the shuttle to take us up!

At the top, we could barely make out Long Beach through the smog

But the observatory was gorgeous

Los Angeles

L.A. from the Observatory

The Hollywood sign is almost directly behind the observatory

Moon Rock in the museum

The Griffith Observatory at dusk (while we waited for the shuttle AGAIN)

Gorgeous sunset over Long Beach/L.A.

We took the subway back to Hollywood where we bought tickets to see American Sniper at the Chinese Theater

I really didn’t know what to expect of the theater inside, and I was so impressed!

The entryway was gorgeous as well….

Judy Garland’s original dress from The Wizard of Oz

We learned on Catalina Island that the same artist that did the Avalon Theater there did the Chinese Theater which was neat!

It was SO worth it to watch a movie at the Chinese Theater knowing that they do tons of movie premiere’s there!  And if you haven’t seen American Sniper, I would recommend going to it…a very powerful movie.

The next day we headed to the airport 5 hours early so we could stake out a place to watch the Packer vs. Seahawks game and obviously with that loss our trip ended on a sour note.  But we did have a fabulous trip and even that brutal loss couldn’t stifle the many memories we made!


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