Long Beach

We flew from Phoenix to Long Beach to start our vacation of just the two of us! We got in late Sunday night and made it to our hotel (we stayed on the Queen Mary)

The ship was an ocean liner from 1936 to 1967 and sailed for the military in WWII and is now permanently docked in Long Island.  She was converted to a hotel and tourist attraction and we had fun staying there!

Long Beach has a ‘passport’ bus that provides shuttles around the downtown area and it worked out great for us!

We headed down to the boardwalk the first morning for breakfast

We had some awesome cinnamon rolls on the boardwalk and just enjoyed the morning

Then we took an audio tour of the Queen Mary which both of us really enjoyed

The Queen Mary with our next ship, the Inspiration in the background

Long Beach, CA

Smokestack of the Queen Mary

The hallways were so long and they had done a beautiful job of restoring everything.  Our room was very big and comfy!

I liked seeing the infirmary and quarantine quarters in the bottom of the ship.

Bob of course liked the engine room the most

They built a little room and boardwalk that left the ship to view the propeller…Bob thought this was neat, but I was scared of it for some reason!

Our next adventure….


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