Cruise Day 1-2 (Catalina Island)

We had a 5 day cruise planned and were excited to board the Carnival Inspiration.

Bob was very excited for all of the food and I was ready for sun and relaxation!

Our first stop was to Catalina Island

Our ship had to anchor out in the bay and we ferried in

The seagulls were all over, and you had to be careful of your food because if you even turned your head they would swoop on in!

We went on a island tour that took us around to the different sites.  Here at the top of island you can see the bay and our ship.

Catalina Island

The cute downtown area

The famous Avalon Theater (originally built to be a casino, but has never been, and boasts a gorgeous theater and ballroom above)

The city nestled in the mountains

The Wrigley family originally ‘founded’ Catalina Island and brought it to be the tourist destination it is today.

We got to go inside of the famed theater

The acoustics were absolutely unbelievable and our guide was speaking without a microphone at the front of the theater and we could hear perfectly.  The acoustics for Radio City Hall were modeled after this theater!

The mermaid painting outside of the theater

Bob got me a remote for my camera that we put to use!

I was so excited to find this machine!

We headed back to the ship and watched the sun set behind the island.

This was one of Bob’s favorite parts of the ship!


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