Christmas 2014

We were able to have a wonderful Christmas even though I worked straight through but still managed to fit time in with Bob’s family and then spent New Years with my family.

Gifts can get to be at bit chaotic and all of the adults just watch as the kiddos tear into them!

Great Grandma S loved opening gifts and was excited about each one….

Scott and Lisa’s cute tree

Bob’s grandparents opening gifts are so fun to watch

Although we weren’t with my family, I did get to video chat with sweet little B as she unwrapped some of the gifts from us which was so special to me.

L-R: Bob, Mom, Kelly, Dad, Amma, Benta, Carrie, Mary (Nick’s mom), and Nick

New Years we traveled to my parents house in WI and were able to spend it as a WHOLE family!

4 generations of the W family

Love my family SO much! (and you can see here how much Benta LOVES her Amma!)

We spent our days watching football, playing Euchre, and playing with this sweet little girl!  I bought her dress last year before we even knew if she was a girl or boy!

Auntie Kelly and Benta

I promise no babies were injured….my mom, sister, and I went to get pedicures and when we got home decided that B needed one too!  She apparently did not think so!

Cutest unhappy baby ever!

SOOO busy!

We had a great time and look forward to seeing everyone again soon!


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