Ashleigh’s Baby Shower

Our friends from church, Don & Ashleigh, are expecting a new baby in January and we couldn’t be more excited for them!  Bob and Don were in a singles small group before we met, and so I have known them since basically day 1!  They are the sweetest couple that truly loves the Lord, and we feel so blessed to have them as friends and love their company in our current small group.

Becca, Terri, and I threw Ashleigh a baby shower at church and it was so fun to get together to celebrate!

I was in charge of decorations, Terri did the yummy food, and Becca made the cutest games!

Ashleigh got some wonderful gifts, and Becca and I had a good laugh because we both got her the SAME EXACT gift!  Great minds think alike…right?!

We played the cutest game where we were handed baby pictures of both Don and Ashleigh and had to ‘create’ what we think their baby will look like by combining their features!

They turned out so cute! And then Ashleigh picked a ‘winner’ and they got a prize.  It was so fun.

Becca and I both LOVE babies and we were thrilled when baby E came to the shower….it was so fun to get to cuddle with her!

I knit Ashleigh a white blanket and hat, and I loved the way it turned out!

Kelly, Ashleigh, & Becca (Terri managed to avoid pictures the whole time!)

I cannot wait to meet their sweet baby!


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