San Francisco Part 1

It has been almost 2 months since my last post, and I apologize for the delay!  I spent over half of October traveling and that led to a busy November so now that it is December I will try to catch up!

In October, my parents and I traveled to California to basically replicate our trip (Bob and myself) from last year.  Due to my dad’s health condition, they were planning on going with us last year and ended up not being able to come.

We started off the trip by flying to SF and then driving up to the Eureka, CA just south of the Redwood National Forest.

This was my first time to the National Park since last year we happened to travel during the time of the government shutdown.  It is impossible to take pictures of how massive the trees are without some kind of reference point (like a person). The above picture is the Big Tree and if you look closely you can see my dad standing at the bottom!

The gorgeous Pacific Coast where we ate lunch

My parents

Chapel Tree

We rode the Sky Trail gondola up to a scenic lookout…twice because my dad enjoyed the ride so much the first time we just had to do it again!

Trees growing off of a redwood branch! (the Candelabra tree)

A banana slug!

Pacific Coast

We drove into a herd of elk that were just grazing by the side of the road!

The Carson Mansion in Eureka, which is now a country club but was originally a lumbar baron’s home!

Mom and I traveled to Ferndale which is this cute Victorian village that was just a few miles away from our hotel

Their main street was so beautiful!

The gingerbread house (B&B)

The best part of Ferndale was when my mom spotted this Penny Press! (it was NOT on the penny finder app!)

After two nights, we headed back down to San Francisco and stopped at the Chandelier Tree in Leggett

Mom driving our rental car through

My dad is 6’4″ so you can see how tall the carving is!

We made it back to San Francisco and headed down to Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner!

We ate at Boudin Bakery for my favorite clam chowder in a bread bowl! Yum!

They made the neatest breads in different designs for each month of the year

Seriously amazing clam chowder!


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