Random Catch Ups

Bob and I have been super busy with work (for both of us) and school (for him) but I have still managed to get a few things done!

I have a Christmas card scrapbook that I add all of our cards to each year, and FINALLY got 2013 done!  Only a few months to spare, but I did it and it was so fun to look back at each years pictures!  Christmas cards are one of my FAVORITE things about Christmas (after Our Savior’s birth of course) and I get SO excited when they start arriving in our mailbox!

Just a random selfie that I convinced Bob to take…he is NOT a fan of taking selfies so I just smile and laugh whenever he agrees

The weather here has been SO beautiful and I have been trying to soak in every last ray of sunshine before winter starts

Bob and his classmates were featured in Minnesota Business Magazine this month!

Click here to read the article

My sweet friend Laura had her twin boys, and I was so tickled that they wore their hats and blankets that I had knit for them on their way home from the hospital!  I get to meet sweet Caleb and Nolan tomorrow and I am SO excited!

I made this blanket for our friend Rob & Laura’s new baby girl, Quinn and got to meet her too!

And now I think I am officially caught up with blogging! (this is definitely a record number of posts in one day!)


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