MN State Fair

One of Bob’s favorite things each year is going to the MN State Fair and he looks forward to it ALL year!

This year, Misti, Ashton, & Cameron came up to join us for our time at the fair and we were so happy to have them!

Misti, Ashton, & Cam with their Pronto Pups

Kelly with deep fried buckeyes (peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate and then deep fried) YUM!


Cam, Bob, & Ashton

Of course, we picked a record breaking attendance day to go to the fair, and it was SO crowded but at least the weather was tolerable!

Cam sure has his Uncle Bob wrapped around his finger!  He enjoyed Bob’s dole whip ice cream!


Corn on the Cob is always a favorite of Bob’s!

Cam was SO good all day and just watched everything and took a few naps.

I love the baby animal barn, and the little piggies were too cute

Misti and Bob rode these hang gliders

We had so much fun and of course enjoyed having Misti, Ashton & Cameron visit!


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