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Random Catch Ups

Bob and I have been super busy with work (for both of us) and school (for him) but I have still managed to get a few things done!

I have a Christmas card scrapbook that I add all of our cards to each year, and FINALLY got 2013 done!  Only a few months to spare, but I did it and it was so fun to look back at each years pictures!  Christmas cards are one of my FAVORITE things about Christmas (after Our Savior’s birth of course) and I get SO excited when they start arriving in our mailbox!

Just a random selfie that I convinced Bob to take…he is NOT a fan of taking selfies so I just smile and laugh whenever he agrees

The weather here has been SO beautiful and I have been trying to soak in every last ray of sunshine before winter starts

Bob and his classmates were featured in Minnesota Business Magazine this month!

Click here to read the article

My sweet friend Laura had her twin boys, and I was so tickled that they wore their hats and blankets that I had knit for them on their way home from the hospital!  I get to meet sweet Caleb and Nolan tomorrow and I am SO excited!

I made this blanket for our friend Rob & Laura’s new baby girl, Quinn and got to meet her too!

And now I think I am officially caught up with blogging! (this is definitely a record number of posts in one day!)


Interstate State Park

I had the weekend off, and the weather was beautiful (80+) so we decided to go to Interstate State Park for a fun day of hiking and climbing around!

They have potholes in the park from when the glaciers melted, and some of them are huge!

The leaves were just starting to turn, and it was so beautiful

It was so nice to be outdoors all day, and of course to spend the time with Bob was the best!

Family Bowling

When my family was in town visiting (two weeks ago), we went bowling one evening and had a blast!

This little one enjoyed it as well!

Check out our scores!  The 148 is my second highest score ever!

Dad was super competitive, but nobody was really surprised about that

Little B loves her some Uncle Bob!

We decided that we need to go bowling more often after we had so much fun!

Leinie Lodge

I met our parents in Chippewa Falls to hand over Carrie and Benta (they were flying out of WI) and we had a quick picnic lunch at a cute park/zoo in Chippewa Falls before heading for a tour at the Leinie Lodge Brewery

The Bengal Tiger and Benta were checking each other out!

Carrie & Benta

Leinie Lodge

Half of the taps

The brewery, and unfortunately there was no photography inside so this is it!

Benta decided it wasn’t too interesting….

Dad & Kelly sampling a few beers

Hahah…not a chance B!

Dad, Benta, Carrie

Dad, Kelly, Benta, Mom, & Carrie

Benta 6 months

Carrie and Benta came for a fun visit two weeks ago (Nick had to work) and I soaked up every minute of this cutie!

We went to the park, and someone was not to impressed with the swing

But then her mama showed her that it was fun!

Auntie Kelly took Benta down the slide!

I can’t get over how strong this little girl is! She can hold herself up like this!

It is always sad when I have to say goodbye to them, but I know the next visit is only weeks away!

Casey & Lydia’s Wedding

Two weeks ago, one of my college roommates Lydia got married in a beautiful outdoor wedding on her family’s farm.

The girls were escorted by riding in on this tractor and Casey and the groomsmen met them at the end of the aisle, it was so sweet!

Lydia’s youngest sister, Julia

Lydia’s middle sister, Veronica

Lydia’s older sister, Laura (who is almost 9 months pregnant!)

The sweet flower girl and ringbearer

Lydia looked gorgeous!

Casey & Lydia

Lydia and Benta got to meet for the first time and they were FAST friends! It was too cute watching them interact!

Emily, Mariah, Kelly

Gustie Girls: Emily, Mariah, Kelly, Kelsey, & Emily

Mariah, Emily, & Kelly

Mariah & Emily

Kelly & Kelsey

Kelly & Bob

Robbie, Kelsey, & Lydia

Mariah & Ben

Benta & Stacy

Kelly & Benta

We all signed this cute board as a ‘guestbook’

First Dance

Lydia’s dad passed away during our Senior Year of college, and Lydia had the sweetest words to say about him and wanted to have a Father/Daughter dance for everyone instead.  There was not a dry eye anywhere and it was so neat to see all of the dads and daughters out there dancing and making a sweet memory.

Robbie and Lydia dancing

The barn was absolutely beautiful!

Brittany, Kelsey, Stacy, Kelly, Lydia, Emily, Emily, & Mariah

The Head Table

Emily & Stacy

We loved getting to catch up with all of our friends, but I can’t believe I didn’t take ANY pictures with my parents or sister!!

Cameron 8 months

Misti, Ashton, & Cameron came to visit a few weeks ago, and I am JUST uploading pictures…we took Cam outside for a quick photoshoot (I waited a bit too long though so the coloring is all off, but he is still cute nonetheless!)

He was not so sure about the grass, so we moved spots

We love our sweet nephew SO much and love every time we get to see him!

Small Group

Bob and I have been blessed to be a part of a wonderful small group through our church for the last two years.  We look forward to meeting every other week throughout the ‘school year’, so we all decided to meet a few weeks ago for ice cream after taking the summer off!

Bob & Kelly, Don & Ashleigh, Billy & Becca, and Rob & Terri (who was taking the picture)

Billy got cookie dough ice cream which was literally a vanilla cone rolled in chunks of cookie dough!

Billy & Becca

Bob & Kelly

We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends!

PS- Thanks to Terri for the pictures!

Twins Game & More

We met up with Bob’s grad school classmates for a fun evening at Target Field

Bob has become much more willing to take selfies lately!

Even though the Twins lost, we still had fun and it was my first time meeting all of his classmates and their spouses so we enjoyed that too!

Love this stadium!

The weather here has been perfect (70s) so one day last week we went for a 9 mile walk around a nearby lake.  Our legs were tired when we got home, but we enjoyed it still!

Carrie, Nick, & Benta flew to Detroit Lakes to spend Labor Day weekend with Nick’s family and they had a layover in Minneapolis so we met them at the airport for dinner.  I will not miss a chance to see my favorite niece!

We played the Game of Life with our friends Jon & Bri and had so much fun!  This was my favorite game growing up and the new edition has quite a few changes!

We spent Labor day afternoon playing a few games of tennis and I am going to be so sad when the weather gets cold!

MN State Fair

One of Bob’s favorite things each year is going to the MN State Fair and he looks forward to it ALL year!

This year, Misti, Ashton, & Cameron came up to join us for our time at the fair and we were so happy to have them!

Misti, Ashton, & Cam with their Pronto Pups

Kelly with deep fried buckeyes (peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate and then deep fried) YUM!


Cam, Bob, & Ashton

Of course, we picked a record breaking attendance day to go to the fair, and it was SO crowded but at least the weather was tolerable!

Cam sure has his Uncle Bob wrapped around his finger!  He enjoyed Bob’s dole whip ice cream!


Corn on the Cob is always a favorite of Bob’s!

Cam was SO good all day and just watched everything and took a few naps.

I love the baby animal barn, and the little piggies were too cute

Misti and Bob rode these hang gliders

We had so much fun and of course enjoyed having Misti, Ashton & Cameron visit!