Lydia’s Wedding Shower

My friend Lydia is getting married in September so the last few weeks have been filled with her bachelorette party and now her wedding shower.

Our friend Brittany and her mom hosted the shower and one of the games was a ‘build your own cake’.  Lydia had to bake her own cake from scratch with no recipe!  It was fun to watch her keep adding things to the bowl to get the right consistency etc…

Some of her ingredients. She did a pretty good job, when it was finished baking we all sampled it!

Opening gifts

She was excited about her new KitchenAid!

Emily, Brittany, Lydia, Stacy, & Kelly (I forgot to snap a picture before Kelsey and Mariah left!)

As always, it was fun for us all to be together and catch up on our lives!  I can’t believe it has been over 4 years since we graduated college together!  Time flies!


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