Ford Museum

So I am officially a few weeks behind in posting, but I wanted to finish up my trip to Michigan before catching up elsewhere. On our last full day, we traveled to Dearborn (just outside of Detroit) to visit the Ford Museum and Factory.

We helped assemble a car…

Carrie and I both LOVED the dollhouse exhibits.

We saw an original 1950s Weinermobile (and sidenote: they had a penny machine for the Weinermobile but it was out of order! I was SO bummed!)

Benta got tuckered out after a bit

The museum was HUGE! They had an aviation section (and we had a nice photobomber here)

The Rosa Parks bus is exhibited in the museum

The Kennedy Car that President Kennedy was assassinated in.

Kelly & Carrie

Benta turned 5 months old! 

And she showed us how strong she was! She is hanging all by herself!



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