Holland, MI

The day after the zoo, we traveled to Holland, MI to Dutch Village.

First, we tried to take pictures of Benta but she was not in the mood….

But she still looked super cute!

The village was set up with different interest points where they would have a speaker talk about traditional Dutch topics…

We learned about wooden shoes,

And how they were made

Listened to their Organ

And their traditional dancers

Rode the carousel

Carrie got weighed on the official scale to determine whether or not she was a witch

Kelly, Benta, Dad, and Carrie

Carrie, Benta, Kelly

Mom and Dad 🙂

They had these wooden shoes on planks to try walking together with…and Carrie and I attempted

And weren’t too good at it

Carrie went down the slide

And Mom and Dad rode the Ferris Wheel



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