Binder Park Zoo

I spent last week in Michigan visiting my sister, brother-in-law, and favorite niece.  It was so neat to see their house furnished and settled after we left in May leaving them completely disheveled.

The first day, we took a trip to Binder Park Zoo…and this little lady enjoyed seeing the animals from a distance.  She would FREAK out whenever we got too close, but loved just sitting up and looking around.

Their giraffe exhibit was by far my favorite part of the zoo.  Within the African safari exhibit, they had a lookout spot where you could feed the giraffes.  The landing was at eye level with the giraffes which was SO neat!

It was so neat!

Benta didn’t mind looking at the giraffes, but as soon as they would stick their long black tongue out, she would start howling! It was so funny!

Carrie and I with a massive tortoise

This was some kind of weird/ugly warthog…

They had a petting zoo area, and I took Benta in but she freaked out before we even touched any of the animals.

But she still liked looking at them!

They had a wetlands area, but hardly any visible animals in this section

B passed out in the stroller while we finished up seeing the rest of the animals.  We had a fun day, but it was a LOT of walking, everything was spaced out and we were all beat when we got home.


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