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Lydia’s Wedding Shower

My friend Lydia is getting married in September so the last few weeks have been filled with her bachelorette party and now her wedding shower.

Our friend Brittany and her mom hosted the shower and one of the games was a ‘build your own cake’.  Lydia had to bake her own cake from scratch with no recipe!  It was fun to watch her keep adding things to the bowl to get the right consistency etc…

Some of her ingredients. She did a pretty good job, when it was finished baking we all sampled it!

Opening gifts

She was excited about her new KitchenAid!

Emily, Brittany, Lydia, Stacy, & Kelly (I forgot to snap a picture before Kelsey and Mariah left!)

As always, it was fun for us all to be together and catch up on our lives!  I can’t believe it has been over 4 years since we graduated college together!  Time flies!


Random Catch Ups

This past weekend was my friend (and college roommate) Lydia’s bachelorette party.  We met up in Alexandria for a dinner and boat cruise and then went out for the evening

Lydia, Stacy, Emily, Kelly

Kelly, Stacy, & Emily

Watching the sunset from the top of the boat

Then on Monday, my friend Carrie and I went to Como Zoo!

I watched the Sparky show for the first time!

I have such an appreciation for Como Zoo and the awesome animals they have!

I got a new monogram font and am absolutely in LOVE with it!

I took an old pair of pajama shorts and with a fresh monogram they look awesome!

Last night we went to Bri & Jon’s for a fun evening of Mexican Train that didn’t end until 1:30 AM!  We played the whole 13 rounds and it was so much fun! (and I won so it was even better!)

Now that I am all caught up again, I plan to keep it that way!


Valley Fair

Bob just finished his first semester of his Master’s and so we celebrated (a few days early) with a trip to ValleyFair the amusement park in the Twin Citiies!

I convinced Bob to take a selfie on one of the rollercoasters and he obliged!

We rode nearly every ride (well all of the big ones at least and most of the smaller ones)

In the evening, Stacy and Emily joined us for a few rides since they have season passes they could just hop on over!

Bob, Kelly, and Emily on the giant swing

We had such a fun day together, and after a long and busy summer of not seeing each other very much it was exactly what we needed!



I met up with my friend Kelsey, and her sweet daughter Lydia (who is 6 months old) for an afternoon at the park.


It was so fun getting to spend time with both of them and of course to get to take some pictures of Lydia was fun as well!

Ford Museum

So I am officially a few weeks behind in posting, but I wanted to finish up my trip to Michigan before catching up elsewhere. On our last full day, we traveled to Dearborn (just outside of Detroit) to visit the Ford Museum and Factory.

We helped assemble a car…

Carrie and I both LOVED the dollhouse exhibits.

We saw an original 1950s Weinermobile (and sidenote: they had a penny machine for the Weinermobile but it was out of order! I was SO bummed!)

Benta got tuckered out after a bit

The museum was HUGE! They had an aviation section (and we had a nice photobomber here)

The Rosa Parks bus is exhibited in the museum

The Kennedy Car that President Kennedy was assassinated in.

Kelly & Carrie

Benta turned 5 months old! 

And she showed us how strong she was! She is hanging all by herself!


Holland, MI

The day after the zoo, we traveled to Holland, MI to Dutch Village.

First, we tried to take pictures of Benta but she was not in the mood….

But she still looked super cute!

The village was set up with different interest points where they would have a speaker talk about traditional Dutch topics…

We learned about wooden shoes,

And how they were made

Listened to their Organ

And their traditional dancers

Rode the carousel

Carrie got weighed on the official scale to determine whether or not she was a witch

Kelly, Benta, Dad, and Carrie

Carrie, Benta, Kelly

Mom and Dad 🙂

They had these wooden shoes on planks to try walking together with…and Carrie and I attempted

And weren’t too good at it

Carrie went down the slide

And Mom and Dad rode the Ferris Wheel


Binder Park Zoo

I spent last week in Michigan visiting my sister, brother-in-law, and favorite niece.  It was so neat to see their house furnished and settled after we left in May leaving them completely disheveled.

The first day, we took a trip to Binder Park Zoo…and this little lady enjoyed seeing the animals from a distance.  She would FREAK out whenever we got too close, but loved just sitting up and looking around.

Their giraffe exhibit was by far my favorite part of the zoo.  Within the African safari exhibit, they had a lookout spot where you could feed the giraffes.  The landing was at eye level with the giraffes which was SO neat!

It was so neat!

Benta didn’t mind looking at the giraffes, but as soon as they would stick their long black tongue out, she would start howling! It was so funny!

Carrie and I with a massive tortoise

This was some kind of weird/ugly warthog…

They had a petting zoo area, and I took Benta in but she freaked out before we even touched any of the animals.

But she still liked looking at them!

They had a wetlands area, but hardly any visible animals in this section

B passed out in the stroller while we finished up seeing the rest of the animals.  We had a fun day, but it was a LOT of walking, everything was spaced out and we were all beat when we got home.