Harper’s 3rd Birthday Party

Our friends daughter, Harper, turned three last week and she had her party at Chuck E Cheese!  You bet we didn’t miss out on the chaos of that!  It has been so fun being a part of Harper’s life since she was born and we look forward into continuing to watch her grow into a sweet little girl.

She was so excited and so proud to be 3!

Her yummy ice cream cake

Trying to get a 3 year old to smile pretty at the camera is very difficult and the lighting in the restaurant was terrible so unfortunately the pictures aren’t the best

Bob was a fan of the pizza, but was a little confused that the animatronics he remembered from childhood were no longer there

Opening gifts….it was SO much different than last year when Harper could have cared less about opening and basically just watched the whole time!

She was SO excited about everything!

I monogrammed this kids size apron for her and it turned out so cute!

Laila wasn’t too sure about everything that was going on

But Kylie was happy

Until the Chuck E Cheese character came out, she freaked! She was so cute though because she was waving at him while saying ‘NONO!’

Bri, Harper, and Jon

Then Harper got to go in the Ticket Blaster and Jon was also there to give her moral support

We were dying of laughter…it was SO funny!

Then we tried our hand at some games…

Because why not!?

After the party we spent the evening playing games with the P family…

Towards the end of the night we realized the ice cream cake had never made it out of the van!  Ooops! We didn’t let the fudge and crunchies go to waste though…but the rest of the cake was toast!

Jon and Bri got a new golden retriever puppy named Maisy and she is the cutest thing ever!  She is so laid back for a puppy and is just so sweet

I had a good first part of the week off last week and was the queen of multitasking while I watched the world cup and ironed!  It was so nice to be able to catch most of the games this year, and I got really into it.  Too bad the US didn’t make it all the way

We also got to break in the new Netherlands edition of Ticket to Ride that I got for my birthday, and of course Bri won.  She ALWAYS wins when the 4 of us play, but we still had fun!  The new aspect to this board is tolls which adds an interesting twist!

I’ve also had time to enjoy a few books in the last weeks, and Elin Hilderbrand is one of my favorite authors.  My sister got me this book and I read it in just a few days.  I am reading the Blue Bistro by her now and am enjoying that as well.


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