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Every year we start out the 4th of July with a swim across the lake, I figure it’s a little under a half mile and I get slower each year!  50 years ago (!) a family on the lake decided that their kids needed to know that they would be able to swim to shore if they were to go overboard.  So the kids started on one side of the lake and swam to the dock on the other side.  Now, 50 years later, over 80 people swam in this years race!

I had finished (Dad baby-sat Benta and isn’t a fan of taking pictures) so once I had touched the dock and dried off, I took some pictures.  I got 6th place this year, which isn’t too bad considering this was only the 3rd time I have swam in the past year.  When I was actually in training (back in high school) my times were much faster and one year I won!

Bob finishing…I encourage him to race as fast as he can because they rank married couples, parent/child teams etc…and he did a great job!

My mom finished next and Bob was so happy to have beaten her, he says that is his goal every year!

Then Carrie brought in the rear!  But she was nowhere close to winning the Crow (the trophy for last place) so she was happy!

Mom, Bob, Kelly, Maddy (our neighbor who swam for the first time), and Carrie

Bob, Kelly, & Carrie

And all of the swimmers.  It is such a fun tradition, and I look forward to it every year!

Last year this awesome go-kart/mini golf place nearby opened and of course we had to visit again!  (I am in the red car in the 3rd row, Carrie is next to me in the blue, and Bob and mom are in front of us in the red)  Dad again chose to baby-sit since gokarting isn’t really his thing.

Carrie ended up with the fastest car, but we all had fun!

My mom made my favorite cake, a two layer yellow cake with homemade chocolate frosting, and we were all happy to enjoy it!


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