Fun on the Water

Like usual, we spent a lot of time out on the water where we are the happiest! The weather wasn’t awesome but we made due with what we were given.

We tubed

And I fell off a few times

Carrie and Benta took a quick trip on the hot dog

Benta loved the boat, but HATED her lifejacket so it was a tough choice of whether or not to cry for her

Bob wakeboarded

And caught some sweet air

And rocked it slaloming like usual

Mom skied too

And so did I

I remembered to smile this year after all of my faces last year had us both laughing

Benta loved the water

So we went swimming, although she didn’t like it when she splashed herself in the face.  It caught her off guard every time!

She turned 4 months old over the weekend…

And we took a few photos before a blowout stopped us

Back to the boat

And the love of the life jacket

Bob showed off some tricks on the kneeboard

And I enjoyed a ride as well

We enjoyed some good food from our Grillmaster and Assistant Grillmaster also

And I ended the weekend with a nice size bruise, but it was well worth it!


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