4th of July

We had such a fun 4th of July weekend…Bob and I went to the cabin and my parents and Carrie and Benta were already there.  4th of July is my all-time favorite holiday and I look forward to it every year!  My birthday is on the 2nd so the holiday usually starts a bit early for me…although this year I worked two 12 hour shifts so I didn’t really have much free time!

Bob made this awesome cake that says ‘Happy 2nd of July’ and brought it to work at 2am for us!  We were so happy to see him and enjoy a little treat.

We also celebrate with donuts!

And I was SO happy to finally finish our 2013 Shutterfly book! I make one of these every year and they are so fun to look back on and I hope I can keep up the tradition.

This cutie-patotie made my day!  Seriously adorable…

Anyways onto our fun weekend….

We started the day with the Poisson Sweepstakes which will have to be its own post since my mom has the pictures on her camera so we will skip to the parade and lunch!  Benta was so good all day and just soaked everything in!

Carrie, Dad, Benta, & Kelly while we waited in line for the fireman’s cookout

The fishing pond is always a hit with the kiddos

And the lunch was amazing as usual!  We had to wait in line for about an hour to get our food but was so worth it!

You can kind of see how long the line is in this picture (look in the back left) but the cookout is the main fundraiser for the firemen and the whole town turns out for it!

The parade was fun as usual

Carrie and Benta

Bob and me

My parents

And just a real-life photo that Benta doesn’t ALWAYS smile!

But most of the time she is super easy-going

For a super small town the fireworks were really good and lasted about 45 minutes.  I didn’t take my big camera so all we have our cell phone shots 🙂

We did get out on the water in the afternoon but again, I didn’t take my camera so all of our pictures are from the following days which will be their own posts!


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