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Kansas City Visit

I headed down to Kansas City with Dave and Laurel for a weekend visit with Misti, Ashton, and Cameron.

Cam is now 7 months old and into EVERYTHING!  He is so fun and it was so good to spend some quality time with him.

His shirt says it all! Coolest nephew ever!

We had a little impromptu photo shoot, and Cam wasn’t too sure how he felt about it at first…

But he quickly warmed up!

Laurel, Dave, & Cam

Cam and his favorite Auntie

Misti, Ashton, & Cam


We ate at Oklahoma Joe’s one day which has the BEST bbq ever…SO yummy and so worth the hour wait!


Water Fun

We traveled to the lake for a fun weekend…so unless you like water sports just skip this post 🙂

We started the weekend off with a quick detour ice cream stop to meet up with the J family.  We hadn’t seen them since they came to visit this winter and it was so fun to catch up and see all of the kiddos

Then, most of the weekend we did a lot of this

And this…

We skiied, wakeboarded, and kiteboarded our hearts out

Dad picked a lot of skis out of the water, and just enjoyed riding in the boat

We all took turns driving

And of course fit some jet-skiing in too!

We had another ice cream date

And couldn’t have had a better weekend!

I got to watch Declan last week one afternoon, and we both enjoyed a long walk in the sunshine!  We had lots of fun together

Harper’s 3rd Birthday Party

Our friends daughter, Harper, turned three last week and she had her party at Chuck E Cheese!  You bet we didn’t miss out on the chaos of that!  It has been so fun being a part of Harper’s life since she was born and we look forward into continuing to watch her grow into a sweet little girl.

She was so excited and so proud to be 3!

Her yummy ice cream cake

Trying to get a 3 year old to smile pretty at the camera is very difficult and the lighting in the restaurant was terrible so unfortunately the pictures aren’t the best

Bob was a fan of the pizza, but was a little confused that the animatronics he remembered from childhood were no longer there

Opening gifts….it was SO much different than last year when Harper could have cared less about opening and basically just watched the whole time!

She was SO excited about everything!

I monogrammed this kids size apron for her and it turned out so cute!

Laila wasn’t too sure about everything that was going on

But Kylie was happy

Until the Chuck E Cheese character came out, she freaked! She was so cute though because she was waving at him while saying ‘NONO!’

Bri, Harper, and Jon

Then Harper got to go in the Ticket Blaster and Jon was also there to give her moral support

We were dying of laughter…it was SO funny!

Then we tried our hand at some games…

Because why not!?

After the party we spent the evening playing games with the P family…

Towards the end of the night we realized the ice cream cake had never made it out of the van!  Ooops! We didn’t let the fudge and crunchies go to waste though…but the rest of the cake was toast!

Jon and Bri got a new golden retriever puppy named Maisy and she is the cutest thing ever!  She is so laid back for a puppy and is just so sweet

I had a good first part of the week off last week and was the queen of multitasking while I watched the world cup and ironed!  It was so nice to be able to catch most of the games this year, and I got really into it.  Too bad the US didn’t make it all the way

We also got to break in the new Netherlands edition of Ticket to Ride that I got for my birthday, and of course Bri won.  She ALWAYS wins when the 4 of us play, but we still had fun!  The new aspect to this board is tolls which adds an interesting twist!

I’ve also had time to enjoy a few books in the last weeks, and Elin Hilderbrand is one of my favorite authors.  My sister got me this book and I read it in just a few days.  I am reading the Blue Bistro by her now and am enjoying that as well.

Poisson Sweepstakes

Every year we start out the 4th of July with a swim across the lake, I figure it’s a little under a half mile and I get slower each year!  50 years ago (!) a family on the lake decided that their kids needed to know that they would be able to swim to shore if they were to go overboard.  So the kids started on one side of the lake and swam to the dock on the other side.  Now, 50 years later, over 80 people swam in this years race!

I had finished (Dad baby-sat Benta and isn’t a fan of taking pictures) so once I had touched the dock and dried off, I took some pictures.  I got 6th place this year, which isn’t too bad considering this was only the 3rd time I have swam in the past year.  When I was actually in training (back in high school) my times were much faster and one year I won!

Bob finishing…I encourage him to race as fast as he can because they rank married couples, parent/child teams etc…and he did a great job!

My mom finished next and Bob was so happy to have beaten her, he says that is his goal every year!

Then Carrie brought in the rear!  But she was nowhere close to winning the Crow (the trophy for last place) so she was happy!

Mom, Bob, Kelly, Maddy (our neighbor who swam for the first time), and Carrie

Bob, Kelly, & Carrie

And all of the swimmers.  It is such a fun tradition, and I look forward to it every year!

Last year this awesome go-kart/mini golf place nearby opened and of course we had to visit again!  (I am in the red car in the 3rd row, Carrie is next to me in the blue, and Bob and mom are in front of us in the red)  Dad again chose to baby-sit since gokarting isn’t really his thing.

Carrie ended up with the fastest car, but we all had fun!

My mom made my favorite cake, a two layer yellow cake with homemade chocolate frosting, and we were all happy to enjoy it!

Fun on the Water

Like usual, we spent a lot of time out on the water where we are the happiest! The weather wasn’t awesome but we made due with what we were given.

We tubed

And I fell off a few times

Carrie and Benta took a quick trip on the hot dog

Benta loved the boat, but HATED her lifejacket so it was a tough choice of whether or not to cry for her

Bob wakeboarded

And caught some sweet air

And rocked it slaloming like usual

Mom skied too

And so did I

I remembered to smile this year after all of my faces last year had us both laughing

Benta loved the water

So we went swimming, although she didn’t like it when she splashed herself in the face.  It caught her off guard every time!

She turned 4 months old over the weekend…

And we took a few photos before a blowout stopped us

Back to the boat

And the love of the life jacket

Bob showed off some tricks on the kneeboard

And I enjoyed a ride as well

We enjoyed some good food from our Grillmaster and Assistant Grillmaster also

And I ended the weekend with a nice size bruise, but it was well worth it!

4th of July

We had such a fun 4th of July weekend…Bob and I went to the cabin and my parents and Carrie and Benta were already there.  4th of July is my all-time favorite holiday and I look forward to it every year!  My birthday is on the 2nd so the holiday usually starts a bit early for me…although this year I worked two 12 hour shifts so I didn’t really have much free time!

Bob made this awesome cake that says ‘Happy 2nd of July’ and brought it to work at 2am for us!  We were so happy to see him and enjoy a little treat.

We also celebrate with donuts!

And I was SO happy to finally finish our 2013 Shutterfly book! I make one of these every year and they are so fun to look back on and I hope I can keep up the tradition.

This cutie-patotie made my day!  Seriously adorable…

Anyways onto our fun weekend….

We started the day with the Poisson Sweepstakes which will have to be its own post since my mom has the pictures on her camera so we will skip to the parade and lunch!  Benta was so good all day and just soaked everything in!

Carrie, Dad, Benta, & Kelly while we waited in line for the fireman’s cookout

The fishing pond is always a hit with the kiddos

And the lunch was amazing as usual!  We had to wait in line for about an hour to get our food but was so worth it!

You can kind of see how long the line is in this picture (look in the back left) but the cookout is the main fundraiser for the firemen and the whole town turns out for it!

The parade was fun as usual

Carrie and Benta

Bob and me

My parents

And just a real-life photo that Benta doesn’t ALWAYS smile!

But most of the time she is super easy-going

For a super small town the fireworks were really good and lasted about 45 minutes.  I didn’t take my big camera so all we have our cell phone shots 🙂

We did get out on the water in the afternoon but again, I didn’t take my camera so all of our pictures are from the following days which will be their own posts!