Balsam Lake

Once again this summer, our friend Bethany invited us for a weekend of fun at their family cabin!  We are so blessed and fortunate to have Bethany as a friend and always have a blast with her!

We basically spent all of our time out on the water so there are TONS of pictures of us wakesurfing 🙂


Our awesome driver, Mark, who also is an awesome surfer!

Mark got close to recovering a 360!  He is awesome!

Bethany caught some decent size fish just casting from the dock!

about 14 inches!

Love this pic of Bob!

Bethany and I decided to get adventurous and double wakesurfed!

It was so fun!! Bethany surfs ‘goofy’ meaning she goes right foot forward (she is left-handed) so it was easy for us!

Then we tried to go two on one board! HA!

And just because it is so funny

Then Bob and I tried….

And pretty much failed 🙂

The weather was absolutely beautiful!

We took a sunset cruise across the lake to the cutest ice cream shop!


It was the perfect end to an awesome day!

And to top off an awesome weekend, Bob bought me ‘just because’ flowers!  What a keeper!


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