Fun Weekend!

We had a busy but super fun weekend! My sister, Carrie, and Benta came for a visit (Nick had a fishing trip in MN so they decided to tag along this far) and I loved every minute of having my sweet niece in town!

Our friend Emily came for a visit to see Carrie and of course meet Benta.  Little B was so happy to get all of the attention!

Those smiles get me every time!

We snapped Benta’s 3 month pictures

And we managed to get a few smiles before she got bored

Benta got to meet her Uncle Bryan for the first time (Nick’s brother)

And got lots of loving from her Auntie Kelly 🙂

Emily got this little outfit for Benta and she LOVED it!

Benta likes to show how big she is, but we like to remind her that she is just a little peanut!

She played Assistant Grillmaster and helped Uncle Bob make dinner

Benta loved this bouncer I picked up at a garage sale so much that it headed back to Michigan with them!

I did do some sewing last week!

And monogrammed these sweet 4th of July dresses for a friend!

Another highlight of the week was getting our annual photo of our Compassion child, Marjorine.  She has grown so much in a year!

Oh…nbd but Bob made the news!  He started a Master’s program that was highlighted 🙂

And I did also baby-sit for these cuties last week too!  I had such a fun evening with Harper and Declan!

And the weather was absolutely beautiful so I spent lots of time outdoors reading Harry Potter (I’m on book 6 now!)


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