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Balsam Lake

Once again this summer, our friend Bethany invited us for a weekend of fun at their family cabin!  We are so blessed and fortunate to have Bethany as a friend and always have a blast with her!

We basically spent all of our time out on the water so there are TONS of pictures of us wakesurfing 🙂


Our awesome driver, Mark, who also is an awesome surfer!

Mark got close to recovering a 360!  He is awesome!

Bethany caught some decent size fish just casting from the dock!

about 14 inches!

Love this pic of Bob!

Bethany and I decided to get adventurous and double wakesurfed!

It was so fun!! Bethany surfs ‘goofy’ meaning she goes right foot forward (she is left-handed) so it was easy for us!

Then we tried to go two on one board! HA!

And just because it is so funny

Then Bob and I tried….

And pretty much failed 🙂

The weather was absolutely beautiful!

We took a sunset cruise across the lake to the cutest ice cream shop!


It was the perfect end to an awesome day!

And to top off an awesome weekend, Bob bought me ‘just because’ flowers!  What a keeper!



Last week we celebrated Bob’s birthday by going to the Loring Pasta Bar for dinner with his parents.

It is such a neat atmosphere and it was a beautiful day outside and the breeze coming through the restaurant felt so good!  We ate here on our first date together so it holds a special place in my heart 🙂

Unfortunately, Bob had class and I worked that night but we tried to make the most of his birthday!  Some presents and a coconut cream cake quickly before I left put a smile on his face!  I am so blessed to have married such an easy going man who completely balances me.

This weekend was the opening of the Green Line light rail which runs between St Paul and Minneapolis so we decided to go ride it for fun!

It was raining and about 50 degrees but that didn’t stop us at all!  Bob has figured out that he can ride it from work to class in under 5 minutes and will save him in parking costs too so he is all excited.

Saturday night we had a progressive dinner with our small group at church.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends in our group and this was our way of capping off a great year by having an amazing dinner and enjoying some games together!

We played Suspend which is basically Jenga with wires…so much fun!

On Sunday afternoon we headed outside to play tennis which is one of our favorite things to do together.  Although Bob was not too happy about the end score although I was 🙂 I missed Father’s Day lunch with Bob’s family due to a nasty headache but I heard the food was awesome.

Today I am devoting my full day off to reading this book (I just finished HP 6 and am taking a quick break because this came in at the library and I only get it for 2 weeks) and watching the World Cup!  What a great day…now if only the sun would come out and the thunderstorms would stop!

Laura’s Baby Shower

My friend and co-worker Laura is pregnant with TWIN boys so of course Carrie (friend/co-worker) and I had to throw her a baby shower!

Kelly, Laura, & Carrie

Jesse spent some time with Benta

Sweet friends and co-workers that attended!

I realized just now that I didn’t take any pictures of decorations…but if you can basically just look at any other baby shower I have helped host and get a good idea of what everything looked like!


Benta was of course the center of attention all weekend and she got to meets lots of friends, but most importantly family! In addition to meeting her uncle, she got to meet our cousins Jake and Mark.  There are only 4 grandkids on the ‘W’ side of the family so it was neat to have us all together!

Kelly, Mark, Benta, Carrie, & Jake

Mark, Benta, & Jake

Mark was smitten

And Jake took a turn too!

Benta sure loves her mommy!

Then someone got tuckered out….

Katie & Rob’s Wedding

My former co-working and friend, Katie, got married this past weekend and we were happy to celebrate their marriage with them!

Katie & Rob saying their vows


My friend Kirstin and I (she blogs too so head on over there!)

We went to college together and started our first job together!

Bob and Kelly

I loved all of the sweet little touches

Beautiful Centerpieces

First dance

Kelly, Katie, Kirstin

Fun Weekend!

We had a busy but super fun weekend! My sister, Carrie, and Benta came for a visit (Nick had a fishing trip in MN so they decided to tag along this far) and I loved every minute of having my sweet niece in town!

Our friend Emily came for a visit to see Carrie and of course meet Benta.  Little B was so happy to get all of the attention!

Those smiles get me every time!

We snapped Benta’s 3 month pictures

And we managed to get a few smiles before she got bored

Benta got to meet her Uncle Bryan for the first time (Nick’s brother)

And got lots of loving from her Auntie Kelly 🙂

Emily got this little outfit for Benta and she LOVED it!

Benta likes to show how big she is, but we like to remind her that she is just a little peanut!

She played Assistant Grillmaster and helped Uncle Bob make dinner

Benta loved this bouncer I picked up at a garage sale so much that it headed back to Michigan with them!

I did do some sewing last week!

And monogrammed these sweet 4th of July dresses for a friend!

Another highlight of the week was getting our annual photo of our Compassion child, Marjorine.  She has grown so much in a year!

Oh…nbd but Bob made the news!  He started a Master’s program that was highlighted 🙂

And I did also baby-sit for these cuties last week too!  I had such a fun evening with Harper and Declan!

And the weather was absolutely beautiful so I spent lots of time outdoors reading Harry Potter (I’m on book 6 now!)

St Louis Arch

Bob and I flew out on Monday (Memorial Day) and ended up with a 3 1/2 hour layover in St. Louis.  I offhandedly suggested we take a trip to see the Arch, and Bob ran with it!  He figured out how to get there using the MetroLink, and we were out of the airport within 15 minutes!

The Arch is SO awesome, I had been there once before but had forgotten how massive and beautiful the structure really is!

A replica of the original trams that were used to get to the top of the Arch.  Unfortunately, we were unable to get tickets to go to the top since we were on a time schedule with our flight (and there were a lot of people there since it was a holiday) but we still enjoyed getting to take a little excursion from the airport!

We snapped a few more pictures

That’s us at the bottom!

And a selfie!

Said goodbye to the Arch, and we were back on the MetroLink headed to the airport with plenty of time to spare!