The Big Move

We loaded up and left bright and early the next morning…

Bob and Nick drove this massive Penske truck with the car being towed behind

Mom and I drove their SUV, while Carrie, Dad, and Benta took a flight.  It was quite the undertaking just to get everything to Michigan!

We figured we had about a 12 hour drive…but 3 hours into it

Mom and I ended up getting towed to a tiny town in Pennsylvania after the car started shaking.  We got out to check the tires, and were shocked to see that only 1 lug nut (out of 5) was left on the rear wheel.  We were SO thankful that we were safe!  After a 4 hour pit stop where we waited for the truck to get fixed, we were back on the road.  The garage owner’s wife drove to a nearby town to get parts, and the owner was kind enough to give us a spare lug nut wrench and taped the end with yellow that we were to use!  I love small towns!  So needless to say, the rest of our trip was a bit slower since we stopped every hour or so to check the tire

But we all made it to Michigan!

Benta and her Afi

Benta loves a selfie with her Mom and Auntie!

This cutie is so fun to be around and was once again hard to leave!

We ate dinner one night at Cracker Barrel and it was so yummy!


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