Fire Island Lighthouse

The next morning (before we continued the mega packing), my mom and I took a mini trip to see the Fire Island Lighthouse

Once again, it was a rainy, dreary day but we made the best of it!

The Fresnel lens that used to be at the top of the tower


It is so neat to me how lighthouses used to be distinguished by ships by not only the light pattern they emitted but by the coloring/striping of the tower

Tours weren’t supposed to start until the afternoon, but a group of 6 of us happened to all be there at the same time and so one of the volunteers was kind enough to take us up!

The tower

You can tell how foggy it was from the top, and sad to see that Hurricane Sandy had destroyed most of the dunes on the island

Mom and Kelly

Fire Island Lighthouse

There was a penny machine for the lighthouse at the ferry terminal, but unfortunately it was broken.  But no worries, one of the workers came and opened the back and we were able to get the pennies I wanted (the die with the mold was out of sync so it took probably 12 times to figure out when to drop the penny in to get the image on right!)  I was so appreciative and I am sure the man thought I was nuts!

Then the hard work resumed once we got back to their house.

Benta was tuckered out after a full day of moving things into the truck and wanted to just chill with her Auntie

We made one quick last run to my favorite bakery in Port Jefferson for some treats

Tiramisu, a massive macaroon, and the best black & white cookies ever!

And we found a new expansion pack for Ticket to Ride! (Netherlands) But apparently I have to wait for my birthday to actually get it 😦


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