Nick’s graduation was on Thursday, and of course it had to be a rainy day but thankfully the ceremony was planned to be indoors anyways.

Nick (front row 5th from left)

They did a slideshow at the beginning of all of the graduates from the first day of their freshman year…how cute!

Benta was so proud of her daddy and looked super cute too!

Nick getting hooded

Little B had plenty of people to entertain her…but I didn’t blame her when the ceremony just got too long!  I took her out in the lobby for a bit and she was happy to fall asleep

The highlight of the ceremony (for me) was when the fire alarms started going off during the Hippocratic Oath.  The Dean kept everyone reciting the Oath until it was finished and then we all got ushered out of the auditorium!  Thankfully it was just a false alarm and we were soon brought back in…but it definitely broke up the monotony of the ceremony!

Nick and his mom

Nick and his dad and Kathy

Kathy, Kristy, Nick, Rob, Benta, & Carrie

Nick, Carrie, and Benta

Sweet family

My Dad, Nick, Benta, Carrie, and my Mom

Bob, my Dad, Nick, Benta, Carrie, my Mom, Kelly

Bob, Nick, Benta, Carrie, & Kelly

(Benta was DONE with pictures by this point!)

She sure loves her daddy though!

And her Uncle Bob!

We went out for dinner at the Mirabelle Tavern (which is a favorite by all) and Carrie surprised Nick with this awesome carrot cake!

We are so proud of you Nick!


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