Montauk Point Lighthouse

We had a busy and tiring week moving Carrie, Nick, & Benta from NY to MI but we still managed to sneak in a bit of fun here and there.

I am a very particular packer, and for this trip it was a pain since I needed dress, regular, and work clothes. Yikes!

It had been raining in MN for a few days and I was SO excited to leave!

For some crazy reason, I flew from MN to Orlando, then to Islip so it was a LONG day.  But I decided to make the best of it and went to check out the Harry Potter store just on the other side of security.  I started rereading all of the books a few weeks ago (and am now on book 5) so it was fun to see all of the souvenirs since I am in full HP mode!

I was SO happy to finally get to NY and snuggle this cutie! Benta has grown SO much since two months ago!

We loaded up the next morning and headed out to Montauk Point

We toured the Montauk Point Lighthouse and it was so neat.

The bluffs were so beautiful

The original Fresnel light from the tower

The view was absolutely beautiful from the tower

The stairs were tight at points, but I was pleasantly surprised that my Dad didn’t even bat an eye going up and down.

They had a neat stained glass door at the base of the tower from the lighthouse keepers home

Kelly and her Mom

Mom & Dad

Yep….found a penny press!

Then we headed back to their house…..

And made a pit stop at the Flander’s Big Duck

Carrie and Kelly

We had a fun day and then spent the evening packing and getting things ready for the move!



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