Mother’s Day 2014

Misti, Ashton, and Cameron made the trek to MN for Mother’s Day weekend this year and we were so excited to see them again! Sweet Cameron is almost 5 months old and so adorable! Friday night we had them (and Bob’s parents) over for dinner and had a wonderful time catching up with them.

Saturday morning, Misti picked me up at work and we headed out for some serious garage saleing in one of the nearby towns.  We had so much fun, and both of us found a ton of cute baby stuff! Then we headed over to Dave & Laurel’s for a Mother’s Day brunch that the whole extended family was invited to

Misti, Ashton & Cameron

Everyone was SO excited to meet Cameron (this was their first trip to MN since he was born) and I happily snapped away

Bob, Kelly, & Cameron (he is the cutest nephew ever!)

This might be picture overload but…here goes!

Cameron is such a happy baby (except for a short ear-splitting hour as soon as they got to MN) and it was so fun playing with him

This is my favorite picture from the weekend

Sue with Cameron

Cameron with his Great Grandpa J

5 Generations!

Cal, Lillian, Dave, Misti, & Cameron

Cam & Misti

Cam’s Great-Great-Grandma Lillian LOVED him!

It was so sweet!

And of course Grandpa Dave is his number 1 fan (I tried to fight for that spot but think I land in the number 2 spot)

Cam with Jessie and George (Great Grandparents G)

4 Generations

George & Jessie, Laurel, Misti, & Cameron

Jeannie & Cameron

Steve, Jeannie, & Cameron

Cam with his Grandparents (Dave & Laurel)

Bob holding Cam

Sweet babe was getting tired of all the attention and just wanted to snuggle with his favorite Auntie (haha…I’m his only one 🙂 )

Cam with his Uncle Steve

The sweet family again

We had such a wonderful visit until Sunday morning at about 5 AM when Dave, Misti, and I woke up with a wonderful case of food poisoning(we think).  Poor Misti struggled her way back to Missouri, and once they got back Ashton got sick.  Oh well….it was worth it to see them! And now we are all as good as new!


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