Yard Work Weekend

We have had a fun week and were so excited on Thursday to celebrate our friend Bethany’s birthday and the closing on her first home!

We are so happy for Bethany

And to celebrate her birthday, of course we had to go for ice cream!  We went to Nelson’s, which is a very popular little shop in Stillwater and enjoyed every bite of our child’s sized ice cream! (yes the cups we are holding are child’s size!)

I picked up a few outfits for Benta while garage saleing (last weekend with my friend Emily) and I am so excited to have a little babe to buy for this year!  I got all of this, 2 pairs of shoes, and a brand new package of hairbows for 8 dollars!

Saturday morning Bob and I helped our friends Barb & Gary put their dock in.  Bob did all of the work in the water while we brought the pieces to him.  We are so thankful for Gary and Barb who let us use their pontoon whenever we want! We are looking forward to spending lots of time on the lake this summer!

And then the yardwork began….

We took down the bushes in front of our home, and so Bob had fun with the chainsaw while I loaded up the trailer (4 times!)

Our little Civic got a work out running back and forth to the yard dump, but we are so happy to have a vehicle that can tow this year!

We started a puzzle which was something fun and different for us to do!

And we finished it in two nights! I am not really a puzzle person, but Bob and my sister LOVE them so I do them every once in awhile but did enjoy doing this one!

And last night we had Kelsey and Lydia over for dinner, and I was so happy to get to spend some time with this cutie!

We played some Ticket to Ride on Friday night just the two of us which was fun!  We love that game, but are excited to try out a new game tonight called Pandemic.  A friend from college highly recommended it to us and I’m sure we will like it!

We had a fun weekend but are both tired after working outside most of the time!  I am looking forward to being ALMOST done with the yardwork for the spring…


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