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The Big Move

We loaded up and left bright and early the next morning…

Bob and Nick drove this massive Penske truck with the car being towed behind

Mom and I drove their SUV, while Carrie, Dad, and Benta took a flight.  It was quite the undertaking just to get everything to Michigan!

We figured we had about a 12 hour drive…but 3 hours into it

Mom and I ended up getting towed to a tiny town in Pennsylvania after the car started shaking.  We got out to check the tires, and were shocked to see that only 1 lug nut (out of 5) was left on the rear wheel.  We were SO thankful that we were safe!  After a 4 hour pit stop where we waited for the truck to get fixed, we were back on the road.  The garage owner’s wife drove to a nearby town to get parts, and the owner was kind enough to give us a spare lug nut wrench and taped the end with yellow that we were to use!  I love small towns!  So needless to say, the rest of our trip was a bit slower since we stopped every hour or so to check the tire

But we all made it to Michigan!

Benta and her Afi

Benta loves a selfie with her Mom and Auntie!

This cutie is so fun to be around and was once again hard to leave!

We ate dinner one night at Cracker Barrel and it was so yummy!


Fire Island Lighthouse

The next morning (before we continued the mega packing), my mom and I took a mini trip to see the Fire Island Lighthouse

Once again, it was a rainy, dreary day but we made the best of it!

The Fresnel lens that used to be at the top of the tower


It is so neat to me how lighthouses used to be distinguished by ships by not only the light pattern they emitted but by the coloring/striping of the tower

Tours weren’t supposed to start until the afternoon, but a group of 6 of us happened to all be there at the same time and so one of the volunteers was kind enough to take us up!

The tower

You can tell how foggy it was from the top, and sad to see that Hurricane Sandy had destroyed most of the dunes on the island

Mom and Kelly

Fire Island Lighthouse

There was a penny machine for the lighthouse at the ferry terminal, but unfortunately it was broken.  But no worries, one of the workers came and opened the back and we were able to get the pennies I wanted (the die with the mold was out of sync so it took probably 12 times to figure out when to drop the penny in to get the image on right!)  I was so appreciative and I am sure the man thought I was nuts!

Then the hard work resumed once we got back to their house.

Benta was tuckered out after a full day of moving things into the truck and wanted to just chill with her Auntie

We made one quick last run to my favorite bakery in Port Jefferson for some treats

Tiramisu, a massive macaroon, and the best black & white cookies ever!

And we found a new expansion pack for Ticket to Ride! (Netherlands) But apparently I have to wait for my birthday to actually get it 😦


Nick’s graduation was on Thursday, and of course it had to be a rainy day but thankfully the ceremony was planned to be indoors anyways.

Nick (front row 5th from left)

They did a slideshow at the beginning of all of the graduates from the first day of their freshman year…how cute!

Benta was so proud of her daddy and looked super cute too!

Nick getting hooded

Little B had plenty of people to entertain her…but I didn’t blame her when the ceremony just got too long!  I took her out in the lobby for a bit and she was happy to fall asleep

The highlight of the ceremony (for me) was when the fire alarms started going off during the Hippocratic Oath.  The Dean kept everyone reciting the Oath until it was finished and then we all got ushered out of the auditorium!  Thankfully it was just a false alarm and we were soon brought back in…but it definitely broke up the monotony of the ceremony!

Nick and his mom

Nick and his dad and Kathy

Kathy, Kristy, Nick, Rob, Benta, & Carrie

Nick, Carrie, and Benta

Sweet family

My Dad, Nick, Benta, Carrie, and my Mom

Bob, my Dad, Nick, Benta, Carrie, my Mom, Kelly

Bob, Nick, Benta, Carrie, & Kelly

(Benta was DONE with pictures by this point!)

She sure loves her daddy though!

And her Uncle Bob!

We went out for dinner at the Mirabelle Tavern (which is a favorite by all) and Carrie surprised Nick with this awesome carrot cake!

We are so proud of you Nick!


Nick had a graduation banquet the night before and invited Kristi (his sister) and me, of course along with Carrie and Benta for a fun night out!

Love this little family so much!  Baby B was absolutely adorable!

Look at those dimples!  I love her so much!

Kristi, Benta, Carrie, Nick, & Kelly

Kelly, Benta, & Carrie

Nick with his friends/fellow graduates (back right)

Nick received distinction for his work in research and got an award for it.  (5th from left)

Nick and his buddy Jawad with their research awards

Benta got a bit bored with all of the talking and speeches so she kept getting passed around and Ally had the magic touch of getting her to sleep!

We had a fun evening celebrating the new MD’s!

Montauk Point Lighthouse

We had a busy and tiring week moving Carrie, Nick, & Benta from NY to MI but we still managed to sneak in a bit of fun here and there.

I am a very particular packer, and for this trip it was a pain since I needed dress, regular, and work clothes. Yikes!

It had been raining in MN for a few days and I was SO excited to leave!

For some crazy reason, I flew from MN to Orlando, then to Islip so it was a LONG day.  But I decided to make the best of it and went to check out the Harry Potter store just on the other side of security.  I started rereading all of the books a few weeks ago (and am now on book 5) so it was fun to see all of the souvenirs since I am in full HP mode!

I was SO happy to finally get to NY and snuggle this cutie! Benta has grown SO much since two months ago!

We loaded up the next morning and headed out to Montauk Point

We toured the Montauk Point Lighthouse and it was so neat.

The bluffs were so beautiful

The original Fresnel light from the tower

The view was absolutely beautiful from the tower

The stairs were tight at points, but I was pleasantly surprised that my Dad didn’t even bat an eye going up and down.

They had a neat stained glass door at the base of the tower from the lighthouse keepers home

Kelly and her Mom

Mom & Dad

Yep….found a penny press!

Then we headed back to their house…..

And made a pit stop at the Flander’s Big Duck

Carrie and Kelly

We had a fun day and then spent the evening packing and getting things ready for the move!


Mother’s Day 2014

Misti, Ashton, and Cameron made the trek to MN for Mother’s Day weekend this year and we were so excited to see them again! Sweet Cameron is almost 5 months old and so adorable! Friday night we had them (and Bob’s parents) over for dinner and had a wonderful time catching up with them.

Saturday morning, Misti picked me up at work and we headed out for some serious garage saleing in one of the nearby towns.  We had so much fun, and both of us found a ton of cute baby stuff! Then we headed over to Dave & Laurel’s for a Mother’s Day brunch that the whole extended family was invited to

Misti, Ashton & Cameron

Everyone was SO excited to meet Cameron (this was their first trip to MN since he was born) and I happily snapped away

Bob, Kelly, & Cameron (he is the cutest nephew ever!)

This might be picture overload but…here goes!

Cameron is such a happy baby (except for a short ear-splitting hour as soon as they got to MN) and it was so fun playing with him

This is my favorite picture from the weekend

Sue with Cameron

Cameron with his Great Grandpa J

5 Generations!

Cal, Lillian, Dave, Misti, & Cameron

Cam & Misti

Cam’s Great-Great-Grandma Lillian LOVED him!

It was so sweet!

And of course Grandpa Dave is his number 1 fan (I tried to fight for that spot but think I land in the number 2 spot)

Cam with Jessie and George (Great Grandparents G)

4 Generations

George & Jessie, Laurel, Misti, & Cameron

Jeannie & Cameron

Steve, Jeannie, & Cameron

Cam with his Grandparents (Dave & Laurel)

Bob holding Cam

Sweet babe was getting tired of all the attention and just wanted to snuggle with his favorite Auntie (haha…I’m his only one 🙂 )

Cam with his Uncle Steve

The sweet family again

We had such a wonderful visit until Sunday morning at about 5 AM when Dave, Misti, and I woke up with a wonderful case of food poisoning(we think).  Poor Misti struggled her way back to Missouri, and once they got back Ashton got sick.  Oh well….it was worth it to see them! And now we are all as good as new!

Yard Work Weekend

We have had a fun week and were so excited on Thursday to celebrate our friend Bethany’s birthday and the closing on her first home!

We are so happy for Bethany

And to celebrate her birthday, of course we had to go for ice cream!  We went to Nelson’s, which is a very popular little shop in Stillwater and enjoyed every bite of our child’s sized ice cream! (yes the cups we are holding are child’s size!)

I picked up a few outfits for Benta while garage saleing (last weekend with my friend Emily) and I am so excited to have a little babe to buy for this year!  I got all of this, 2 pairs of shoes, and a brand new package of hairbows for 8 dollars!

Saturday morning Bob and I helped our friends Barb & Gary put their dock in.  Bob did all of the work in the water while we brought the pieces to him.  We are so thankful for Gary and Barb who let us use their pontoon whenever we want! We are looking forward to spending lots of time on the lake this summer!

And then the yardwork began….

We took down the bushes in front of our home, and so Bob had fun with the chainsaw while I loaded up the trailer (4 times!)

Our little Civic got a work out running back and forth to the yard dump, but we are so happy to have a vehicle that can tow this year!

We started a puzzle which was something fun and different for us to do!

And we finished it in two nights! I am not really a puzzle person, but Bob and my sister LOVE them so I do them every once in awhile but did enjoy doing this one!

And last night we had Kelsey and Lydia over for dinner, and I was so happy to get to spend some time with this cutie!

We played some Ticket to Ride on Friday night just the two of us which was fun!  We love that game, but are excited to try out a new game tonight called Pandemic.  A friend from college highly recommended it to us and I’m sure we will like it!

We had a fun weekend but are both tired after working outside most of the time!  I am looking forward to being ALMOST done with the yardwork for the spring…

Laura’s Baby Shower

My friend and co-worker, Laura and her husband adopted the sweetest babe Eli and we were so happy to meet Eli for the first time and shower them with love!  My friend Carrie and I got to work making decorations….

For the lollipops this time we used receiving blankets and 2 different sizes of washcloths and I LOVED the varied sizes!

Our food table (before all of the food!)

Laura (holding Eli), Laura (who’s pregnant with TWINS!), Carrie, and Kelly

Laura is a huge Packer fan, so of course I had to get Eli some gear for this season!  He is bound to be a Packer fan!

Colette got lots of snuggle time, and we just kept passing Eli around.  He is so cute and such a snuggle bug!

Pat made Laura this beautiful quilt. I loved the animal theme…so cute!

We ate some awesome cake and lots of other yummy food!

I am so thankful for all of the ladies I work with and couldn’t ask for a better work environment!

This little guy is SO loved!