Easter 2014

We had such a beautiful and relaxing day celebrating Easter this year.  It was the nicest day of the year, and what could be more perfect than celebrating Our Savior’s resurrection!

I was so thankful to have Saturday night off so I was rested for church and could really enjoy the day.  We had a wonderful service at church and then went to Bob’s parents for Easter dinner.  The WHOLE J family was there (over 25 people!) so it was so fun and so busy!  As always, Dave and Laurel made an amazing dinner and we so appreciate their hard work!

Of course there was an egg hunt for the kiddos, and hopefully next year Misti, Ashton, and Cameron will be able to make it so we can watch Cam hunt for eggs!

Bob and I hid the eggs and it was fun to watch the kids run all over the yard hunting for them!

Then the annual softball game started, with Dave acting as pitcher.

Great Grandma Lillian was in spirit in her baseball cap watching from the upper deck and trying to avoid fly balls!

The kids are getting so big but it is fun to have traditions that we all look forward to and enjoy each year.

Bob took a swing at batting and had us all smiling.

We had such an enjoyable holiday that I capped off with a nap and then heading into work!


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