Is it spring yet??

This winter has been SO rough and we had a little taste of spring last week…but got hit with inches of snow yesterday!

This was yesterday before we left for church!

And when we came home!  I am praying that spring comes soon so we can get outdoors

Although we have been taking advantage of every chance we get to be outside…if it hits 40 degrees and you will see us out!

I watched Harper and Declan awhile back (maybe 2 weeks) and we went for a walk which was SO fun and the kids loved being able to finally get outside! (even if they don’t look like it in the picture”

I FINALLY got a project done that has been on my to-do list for over 2 years!  I hemmed all of our curtains around the house….it was a full two day project but I am so happy with the results 🙂

One day last week was beautiful (probably 50s) so Bob cleaned off our back deck! This slab of ice must have been heavy!

We had our first burger night of 2014…and they were delicious!

Also on the firsts list…first bike ride of the year! (Bob specifically posed for this picture too which made me laugh so hard!)

We biked to our favorite ice cream place and there was a HUGE line to get our cones…so by the time we were biking home it had gotten pretty chilly but we still enjoyed every minute!

We celebrated our friend Leigh’s birthday on Saturday night and was fun to get out of the house

But my least favorite thing about spring is yard work, and it was nice enough this weekend that we were able to get a jump start on the raking/cleaning up the lawn

And got a few bags ready for pick-up

We stayed up Monday night (Tuesday morning) for the lunar eclipse that was at 2:45am.  I had worked Sunday overnight for a pick-up shift that they were desperate for so I wasn’t too tired but poor Bob had to be at work Tuesday at his normal time!

This shot was taken out of our upstairs window at (almost) the peak of the eclipse!  It was so neat to see…and Bob did a great job capturing the colors!

Monday night we got a little competitive with some games and Bob was frustrated after I won in Qwirkle, Skip-Bo, and Spot It.  Needless to say I went to bed with a smile on my face!


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