New York

I spent 10 days in New York, and loved every minute I got to spend with my sister, brother-in-law, and sweet niece!

I had a beautiful flight…normally I fly in at night, so it was so fun to get to see the city in the daylight!

This little peanut completely captured my heart! Benta is such a doll!

She couldn’t ALWAYS be happy 🙂 but she looks so cute!

We got lots of sweet cuddle time together….and I definitely took advantage of every minute I was there!

This is one of her favorite spots, just snuggled up with her mom as she crochets

We stopped by the beach one afternoon…but it was way too cold to go swimming!  Maybe in May we will have to go for a quick dip!

We stopped for a treat at our favorite bakery in Port Jefferson…those black/white cookies in the front were AMAZING!

Rob & Kathy (Nick’s dad and step-mom) came out for a visit and we all went wine tasting which was so fun!

Rob and Nick tried out some Whisky at a distillery….definitely NOT thing 🙂

This little girl just slept all day!

This little sweater is the cutest thing ever!  It was still kind of chilly in NY, so we bundled her up in it every time we went out!

This was taken one of the last days I was there…and it is crazy to me how much she had grown in the 10 days I was there!

It was SOOOO hard to say goodbye to this sweet face, but knowing I will see her again in 2 months made it just a teeny bit easier

And good old MN welcomed me back with some snow

We had a fun evening with friends on Friday night playing Scattergories!

We watched Frozen on Saturday night…if you haven’t seen this movie you NEED to!  We also met up with Robbie, Kelsey, and Lydia for lunch on Saturday which was fun as always!

Yesterday we had 50+ degree weather so we cleaned out the garage!  Bob sure has a lot of ‘toys’!  We are both looking forward to warm weather and all the fun that it brings!


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