Past Week

Since I have worked 9 of the past 10 days, we really haven’t been doing much….but still have fit a FEW things in!

Bri and Jon are on vacation, so I spent some time watching Harper and Declan last week and Harper LOVED it when Bob came after work for a bit…..from these pictures there is no doubt as to why Harper absolutely loves Bob!

We had a lot of fun 🙂

We spent Saturday night watching Catching Fire with Kelsey and Robbie…and I LOVED holding Lydia the whole time (this picture is from when she was 3 days old)

Sweet Cameron is almost 3 months old already and I can’t believe it! I LOVE getting pictures from Misti and can never get enough of this cutie!

Of course I have been finding time to sew…and am making a set of monthly onesies for Cameron and Lydia 🙂

Lydia turned 1 month old!

We ventured to Ikea last weekend…and Bob, as always, was so excited to spend time in the lighting section!

We got some new canvasses for above our bed! I was so excited to finally have something hung!

It has FINALLY gotten semi-warm (like above freezing!) and we have been trying to take advantage of it!  We both love going to for walks it is so nice to finally be outside!


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