Lasik, Crashed Ice, and Catch Up

Bob had been wanting to get Lasik for years and finally got it done last week!

The whole procedure took about 3 minutes and then we were on our way home!

Bob had to wear these cool shades for protection and was happy to take a nap on the couch when we got home.  We have been glued to the TV watching the Olympics and it was a nice relaxing evening together!  I am so sad the Games are over, but we still have a few nights left to watch on the DVR since I worked 12 hour shifts this weekend!

I was able to knit a lot over the past few weeks and got this sweet white blanket done

and I finished two fleece blankets for 2 of Bob’s coworkers who both recently had baby boys

And I have been having SO much fun sewing on my new machine.  Here are a few of my latest creations

Burp cloth

I definitely have found a new hobby and have enjoyed making little onesies and shirts for friends!

We got a huge snowstorm this past Friday which has made driving to and from work interesting the past few days.  On Friday, I was so thankful to get home after my normal 20 minute drive turned into almost 2 hours!  Our road wasn’t plowed by the time I got to it so the last 1/2 mile or so I was just praying that I wouldn’t get stuck!

I think this is a week old or so, but Harper was helping Bob play Scattergories and it was just the cutest thing ever! She adores Bob and he was so patient with her, even though it slowed him down!

Last weekend I got to watch Declan on Saturday which was so much fun! He is such a cutie and just melts my heart!

This past weekend we went to the Red Bull Crashed Ice skating event that is held in St. Paul

A track is built starting up by the Cathedral and 4 players on hockey skates race down to the bottom!  We have gone the last few years, and once again it was freezing out!

The Cathedral looked awesome all lit up!  They announced that there were over 120,000 people there….it was so crowded

Hans and Bob


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